Success Stories

Each year SHNS sees improvement in student outcomes. Generally, our students grow 24 to 30 percentile points over three years of an intense academic intervention. We are seeing an 93% graduation rate for our students matriculating from high schools, while the national average for Latinos is 73%.


  • Anselmo Sandoval’s Success Story Anselmo Sandoval is a graduate of Nativity’s Class of 2007. He comes from a family that is deeply committed to education, and both he and his brother attended Nativity, went on to Bellarmine, and enrolled in Jesuit universities. Anselmo is set to graduate from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia in the coming months, and his ... Read more
  • Michelle Ramirez Success Story The major accomplishments of our schools center on the success of our alumni. We are so proud to highlight the success of one of our graduates, Michelle Ramirez, a member of the Our Lady of Grace class of 2012. How was your transition from SHNS to Notre Dame High School? My transition to NDSJ was pretty easy.  ... Read more
  • Miguel Verduzco’s Success Story Miguel Verduzco is a graduate of Nativity’s Class of 2006. After Nativity, Miguel moved over to the Bellarmine campus and graduated in 2010. From BCP, Miguel attended San Jose City College from 2010-2012, and this past May, Miguel graduated from Calilfornia State University at Monterey Bay. Presently, Miguel is a Mental Health Specialist at Gardner ... Read more

What others have to say

As Latino families, as Mexican families, we believe strongly in values - and here at this school, they reinforce them.

Jessica Aguirre   

This community involves parents a lot, which for me is very important because I believe that the child's academic success depends not only on the student, but, parents and school as well. This is what I like [about SHNS].

Nancy Hermosillo   

At this school, I like that we are connected like a family, not just the students and teachers but the parents as well.

Max Hermosillo, 8th Grade   

As a parent I recommend this school Thanks to this school my daughters are in college.

Maria Pinedo   

Excellent school thanks to the performance of our children (daughters in my case) the creativity and effort of teachers and the entire staff of this school makes the middle school student thinking about college.

Arturo Triana   

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