Graduate Outcomes



The following statements express the goals for our graduates.

The Nativity School graduate is academically successful.

The student:

  • acknowledges the importance of education in shaping one’s future.
  • is able to communicate ideas effectively in speech and in writing.
  • demonstrates significant progress in reading and mathematics.
  • employs organizational skills, sound study habits, and a strong work ethic to support academic performance.

The Nativity School graduate is spiritually active.

The student:

  • knows of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • uses Christian values in decision-making.
  • understands the importance of being a person for others and serving those in need.
  • understands and supports the work for peace and justice in our society.

The Nativity School graduate is personally respectful.

The student:

  • shows respect by making positive choices.
  • respects the rights and needs of others and treats them with kindness and understanding.
  • demonstrates cooperation in the classroom, courtesy in personal relationships, and good teamwork on the playground.
  • respects the differences among individuals of diverse races, cultures, and gender, and shows this respect through personal attitudes and behavior.

The Nativity School graduate is consistently responsible:

The student:

  • acts with honesty and integrity in school, at home, and with peers.
  • accepts responsibility for personal actions and resulting consequences.
  • recognizes the need for positive leadership roles both in and out of the classroom.
  • values God’s creation and understands the need to preserve and protect the community and world environments.