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As long as there is poverty and unequal educational access to higher education, Sacred Heart Nativity Schools will continue to work towards leveling the playing field for low-income students.

SHNS prepares students for the rigor and content of a college-preparatory high school and is distinguished by smaller classes; an extended academic day; a longer school year, which includes a summer program and Saturday Schools; and co-curricular activities.

SHNS knows that its program offers a transformative experience that results in academically strong, well prepared, and spiritually grounded young people. The over-arching goal is for SHNS students to become the first in their families to attend and graduate from college.

Our Program

SHNS believes in a program that develops the whole child, and its vision encompasses preparing students in five areas:

1) Strengthening academic preparation for high school

Students benefit from a rich and integrated environment where they become proficient in core subject areas such as English, Math, Social Science, Science, Religion, Spanish, and Electives (e.g., Art, High School Preparation). The English Language Arts (ELA) program offers English Language Learners (ELL) opportunities to develop their English language skills, serving the majority of SHNS students.

2) Increasing co-curricular participation

SHNS offers students seasonal team sports (softball, soccer, basketball, and track) and clubs and activities (school newspaper, robotics, student council, and choir) that prepare them for co-curricular programs offered in high school.

3) Strengthening spiritual formation

SHNS is proud of its Campus Ministry program which offers students grade-level retreats each year, leadership conference opportunities, and parent formation programs.

4) Improving technological literacy and 21st century critical thinking skills

To develop technology skills that students will need in college-prep high schools, SHNS uses Chromebooks in its academic program and utilizes educational software in Math, ELA, and Science.

5) Improving self-advocacy skills that will help the student navigate high school and university.

SHNS staff has designed and are currently offering a high school preparation class designed to support first-generation college bound students’ academic study skills and strengthen their preparation for college preparatory high school programs and beyond.