Why Choose SHNS?

Sacred Heart Nativity Schools believes in a program that develops the whole child, and its vision encompasses preparing students in five (5) areas:

  1. Strengthening academic preparation for high school
  2. Increasing co-curricular participation
  3. Strengthening spiritual formation
  4. Improving technological literacy and 21st century critical thinking skills, and
  5. Improving self-advocacy skills that will help the student navigate high school and university.

Generally, 80% of students to improve their standardized testing scores in reading, vocabulary, mathematics and computation during their time here at SHNS.

Sacred Heart Nativity Schools students graduate from high school at a higher rate (96%) among students in Santa Clara County (70.4%) and San Jose Unified (85.6%), and SHNS graduates also enroll in postsecondary education at a higher rate (76.0%) among Hispanic/Latino students from Santa Clara County (58.3%) and San Jose Unified (59.5%) (kidsdata.org; sjusd.org; CA Department of Education).

We offer a community that supports all students, preparing them to be forces of courage, compassion, understanding, insight, and moral fortitude in the world.